David Salinas Verification Services Specialist

How long have you been with InCheck? I have been here since September of last year.

Where are you from originally? I was born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois. Most people know it as the city where six flags is located at.

Where did you go to school? I graduated from Waukegan high school.

What does your job entail? I’m part of a discrepancy team, and we pretty much try and solve discrepancies to be able to get a successful verification. We make extra attempts if needed or hunt down those companies that are super busy. It’s pretty fun.

What is your favorite part of your job?  I enjoy being able to work at my own pace. I love the fact that our manager is always trying to understand us and makes changes when needed to help us be more successful in our job.

Which one of InCheck’s five core values do you feel most connected with [Positivity, Loyalty, Excellence, Innovation, Persistence]? I believe in loyalty! If the company is loyal to you and they show you they have your back, it makes you want to work even harder and better. I’m glad to be here at InCheck because it’s not like any other company. You can have coffee and work at the same time. What else would you ever want!

What brought you to InCheck? Actually Julie, our amazing human resources friend just gave me a call. Now that I think about it… I don’t think I applied at InCheck.  When she called me she asked me a lot of questions and then told me to come and shadow to see if i liked what we do. I said yes and next thing you know she offered me a job. I said… yes.

What is your favorite InCheck memory? So, I think it was my first week processing reports and I had to leave a voicemail, keep in mind I had  1 other co-worker right next to me. My message was something like “feel free to call me back or email me @incheck (DOT) (DOT) (DOT)…..” my other coworker screamed ‘’(DOT) NET” . I had totally forgotten how my email ended.

What was your first job? My first job was McDonalds and I was so good at it that I received an award for the fastest drive-thru times. It’s a huge accomplishment in my life. Once I got hired at McDonalds, they asked me if I had any friends that wanted to work and of course I said yes, and the following week I had all my friends working there. It was a blast!

What are you reading right now? I’m not much of a reader but right now I’m reading instructions on how to install barn doors in a apartment, so that’s something, right?

Do you have any favorite movies or TV shows? At the moment my favorite show is through YouTube, it’s called round two. Pretty much its a store that buys vintage clothing and resells it for double the price. They also buy shoes and flip them for crazy amounts. It’s pretty cool.

Who are your favorite  sports teams? Of Course it’s soccer.  Mexico’s National team, Manchester United And Paris Saint Germain are my favorite teams. I also like football, THE CHICAGO BEARS!

Do you have any favorite quotes? “Some people wait it to happen, some wish it would happen and other MAKE it happen.” -Michael Jordan

Who is someone you admire? There is a lot of people that come to mind. I admire people who don’t give up. I admire people who go after what they want. My father is someone I look up to. He is such a hard worker. He works long days from sunrise to sunset and yet he comes home and makes times for my mother, my sisters and even our dog that he claims not to like. The way he treats my mother is beyond amazing. The point is that even though he might be tired he makes sure that his family is good and he cares about what happens with their day. You do not see that very often anymore and that’s something I’m trying to imitate in my own marriage.

Where have you recently traveled to? I have not traveled anywhere in the past 10 years. My last trip was to mexico. This year I will be going to Germany, Spain and England. We will see how that goes!

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to? Probably will be Germany, Spain and England.

Do you have any goals for the future? I like to live one day at the time. I like to focus on what I have now and see where life takes me. So, no plans unless i somehow get a lot of money, then I’d go out to travel the world.

What makes you interesting? I’m outgoing!

Do you collect anything? At the moment I’m not. See, the thing with me is that one day I like this and the other I like that. My most recent obsession was Funko Pops.

What are some of your hobbies? I really enjoy spending time with friends. I love camping and playing board games. I also have an obsession with shoes. if  you could see my Instagram feed, all you would see is food and shoes.

Do you have any pets? No, but my wife is really really trying to hint at it, so most likely I will have one by the end of this year because well happy wife, happy life.

Final thoughts?  Can February March? No. but April May.