Our next Partner Spotlight focuses on Dave Jones, Inc.!

“Dave Jones, Inc. is a full service subcontractor , providing plumbing, HVAC, and fire sprinkling, framing, and electrical installations in both residential and commercial settings. We also feature a complete service department for Southern Wisconsin.”-Dave Jones, Inc. website

We had the pleasure of getting to know Dave Jones, Inc. HR Workforce Specialist, Ashley Schumacher!

Please describe your company culture and core values.

Dave Jones, Inc. is centered around the following core-values that make up who we are and how we operate our business: Customer Focused, Excellence, Family, Forward Thinking, Giving Back, and Work Hard Play Hard.

Our owners share these core values and what they mean to us with employees from the first day of their employment, and continue to incorporate them throughout the year in events, meetings, and how they conduct business. We’ve grown immensely over the past 5 years, yet we still continue to incorporate the Family core value in all that we do.

Please share an experience in your workplace that reflects your organizations values.

One thing our company allows employees to do is donate some of their PTO to fellow employees who may be going through a rough time. It is one of my absolute favorite things about this organization – not only that they allow this, but that employees willingly give up their own vacation time to help each other out. One of our employees almost lost a child to an automobile accident and the amount of support he received from employees in all areas of the business brought many of us to tears. Between the donated PTO and the money raised through fundraisers held by employees, he was able to take time off from work to be with his daughter through her recovery.

In another example, one of our employees had to take significant chunks of time off to be with his daughter who was fighting an undiagnosed illness. His coworkers, along with employees he’d never met, donated much of their PTO knowing that he was a single dad who couldn’t afford to miss time from work. I see the core value “Family” reflected in the actions of our people every day, and it makes working for this company a privilege.


What is the best part of my job?

I love working with people who genuinely care about how the business develops and grows. It’s the kind of organization that you hope to be with for a very long time. With regards to my position in HR, I love the interactions I get to have with so many different employees from the field and the office. Any time I can make someone’s day better or easier, it’s a great day.

Dave Jones, Inc. company fun!

Can you provide a milestone the company has recently accomplished?  Are there any future milestones you’d be willing to share?

When I started working for DJI back in 2014, we offered 3 different trades: Plumbing, HVAC, and Sprinkler Fitting, and we had less than 200 employees. We now offer Plumbing, HVAC, Sprinkler Fitting, Electrical and Framing, and have over 550 employees! We’re very proud of how far we’ve come!


Are there charities or community outreach initiatives your organization participates in?  We’d love to share links or other information about these initiatives to assist in your outreach efforts.

Another core value that we are very proud of is “Giving Back.” We sponsor, donate, and give back to well over a hundred organizations, but some of the big ones include: Garding Against Cancer, Habitat for Humanity, UW Health, American Family, Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Hammer with a Heart, Second Harvest Food Bank, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Our company is currently working on a major remodel at the Ronald McDonald House, donating time, money, and materials so that the Ronald McDonald house can help more families who travel to this area to receive medical treatment.

With regards to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, we host an annual golf outing which raised nearly $500,000 in 2 years!

Not only does the company donate money and materials to a lot of these causes, but they allow employees the opportunity to be part of giving back as well. Whether it’s through donating their time and talents, or providing monetary and material gifts, we all love to get involved!