Our next Partner Spotlight focuses on Trusted Coaches!

“The Trusted Coaches program is a comprehensive risk management platform that offers essential training, education and screening necessary for a youth coach.”- Trusted Coaches Website 

We had the pleasure of getting to know Brian Meeter, Executive Director and Business Development Officer for Trusted Coaches!

Please describe your company culture and core values.

Our company is dedicated to educating youth coaches in best practices. We do this by providing a one-stop coaches that meets the basic needs for associations and coaches, plus more. Those include concussion, first-aid, child safety, background checks and positive coach training. Our culture is customer service oriented. Our full-time sports staff is dedicated to making the life of volunteer coaches and administrators easier, by reducing the time and burden necessary to get ready for each season. We also live it – many staff members volunteer as coaches and administrators in many different sports. We understand the time commitment and are dedicated to improving the experience for coaches and admins.


Please share an experience in your workplace that reflects your organization’s values.

When a coach has been put in the pre-adverse action period, our organizations comes together to decide whether or not that coach can become a member of Trusted Coaches. We have a set of criteria that we use, and enlist InCheck to help us weed out coaches that could pose a threat to young athletes. The situations are not always simple, but our team of professional, sports-minded people works together to uphold the integrity of our membership.


What is the best part of your job?

Helping our organizations meet their risk management needs.


Clarence Fields, Trusted Coaches Sales and Marketing Director, handing out sportsmanship awards as part of partnership with Youth First to try and change the culture of youth sports!


Can you provide a milestone the company has recently accomplished? Are there any future milestones you’d be willing to share?

Over 30,000 coaches are going through or have already progressed through the Trusted Coaches program. The positive impact this has on communities, athletes, officials, and family members has a reach of over 1,000,000 people.


Are there charities or community outreach initiatives your organization participates in? 

One organization that we are involved with is the Minneapolis & St. Paul Basketball Coalition. We help by providing them with complimentary risk management protection through Trusted Coaches. In return, the Coalition adopts our policies and plays in our parent company’s (Minnesota Youth Athletic Association) events. Below is the purpose of the Coalition:

  1. Help the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul create a functioning infrastructure that would be similar to the suburban (and rural) youth sport associations that currently exist.
  2. Help to bridge the gap between the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the rest of the Minnesota basketball network.
  3. Give more kids in Minneapolis and St. Paul the opportunity to participate in an organized and creditable traveling basketball program.