A Company Built Around You

If you want an in-the-box vendor with canned solutions, you’re in the wrong place. Our company was founded on providing high-touch services customized for each client. We thrive on finding ways of overcoming unique workflow challenges by adapting our infrastructure and technology.

Here’s what our customers say and why they stay with InCheck:


Our Team

What do our InCheckers say about life at InCheck?

“We pride ourselves on creating unrivaled experiences.  Whether speaking to a client, candidate, vendor, or colleague, our team members are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.  Our customizable technology solutions and screening protocols are focused on providing successful outcomes for our clients and their candidates. At the end of the day, we go above and beyond for our clients, their candidates, and each other!”

-Rachel,  Director of Operations

“InCheck is like a family. We come together to provide a positive experience for our clients and candidates. We really get to know one another and enjoy working together.”

-Kathleen, Verification Services Lead

“I love working with such a fun, energetic team to solve problems and deliver the best service possible to our clients. It’s awesome to have the opportunity to build relationships with our clients, and to know that they trust you to get things done the right way.”

-Kaitlin, Verification Services Manager

“I really enjoy learning something new every day, I think that’s my favorite part of working here! I like thinking outside of the box and trying to figure out ways to simplify processes to make the experience better for all involved.”

– Lauren, Investigations Manager

“Laughter goes a long way especially at the end of a long day… I really believe when we put our company values first, the client wins.”

– Tim, Occupational Health Services Coordinator

“I enjoy working with all of the teams/departments on different levels to ensure that our clients and candidates receive an unrivaled experience. I enjoy hearing and seeing happy clients at the end of the day.”

– Shaun, Client Support Specialist

“I love that the position that I am in, as an Operations Project Specialist, allows me to work with every department within the company, as well as our clients and vendors.  I have been with InCheck for almost 10 years now, and have enjoyed watching our company grow with more clients as well as employees.”

– Melissa, Operations Project Specialist 

“InCheck’s greatest asset is our people. We have built a culture of fun, laughter, hard work, and innovation.”

– Jaheed, Verification Services Specialist

“I like working in an environment where everyone is supportive and helps each other succeed. We work together as a team to provide accurate information to our clients in a timely manner.”

– Hayley, Investigations Lead

“What I love most about working for InCheck would be the flexibility and growth they have provided for me over the past 9 years. It has been awesome to see the company grow over the past 9 years and I can’t wait to see what the next few years look like.  I love the people we work with; my co-workers have become friends. It makes your day when you are working with people you get along with.”

– Makensie, Sr. Investigations Lead

“We are people too. We don’t put ourselves in positions higher than that of anyone else. When I work with active clients and candidates, who care about the work we do, it makes everything fall into place.”

– Justin, Order Processing Specialist

“As an Investigations Specialist, I thrive off being able to find the little details that matter. Investigating for a client is like finding a missing puzzle piece.”

– Taylor, Investigations Specialist

“I enjoy speaking with clients on the phone. I like being able to complete a file and have a successful experience for both the client and myself.”

– Joy, Verification Services Specialist

“I like working with our clients and building lasting relationships with them.”

– Brittani, Account Manager

“I appreciate that I am able to track down the origin of any issue that may arise and fix it! There’s a lot of satisfaction in being able to do that for a client.”

– Valerie, Occupational Health Services Project Manager

Who Are We Hiring?

If you believe the customer is king, we may be hiring you!

InCheck promotes a respectful work environment and open communication.  Our employees past and present describe our culture as energetic, driven and fun.

While we are first looking for someone fit to handle personal identifying information, we are particularly interested in candidates with professional experience in human resources, legal, customer service, investigations and drug testing.

Successful applicants are committed to our high touch customer service standards and adapt to our platform of creating customized solutions.

If you do not see a position listed below, send us your resume.

We’re always interested in hearing from people who are interested in us.