A Company Built Around You

If you want an in-the-box vendor with canned solutions, you’re in the wrong place. Our company was founded on providing high-touch services customized for each client. We thrive on finding ways of overcoming unique workflow challenges by adapting our infrastructure and technology.

Here’s what our customers say and why they stay with InCheck:


Our Team

“I spend most of my day buried in spreadsheets and internal policy documents. When I get the opportunity to pick up the phone and speak directly to our clients or their candidates, I feel part of something bigger. It gives me energy and makes me feel good about what we do here!”

– Rachel, Compliance Team

“I enjoy speaking with clients on the phone. I like being able to complete a file and have a successful experience for both the client and myself.”

-Joy Anderson, Verification Services Team

“We are people too. We don’t put ourselves in positions higher than that of anyone else. When I work with active clients and candidates, who care about the work we do, it makes everything fall into place.”

– Justin, Communications Team

“I like working with our clients and building lasting relationships with them.”

-Brittani Martinson, Account Manager

“As an Investigations Specialist, I thrive off being able to find the little details that matter. Investigating for a client is like finding a missing puzzle piece.”

-Taylor Dooley, Investigations Team

“It gives you a good feeling to know that you are helping the client find a good employee, and helping the candidate find a place of employment.”

– Elba, Communications Team

“We are very personable and want to help. We are very friendly and go above and beyond. Each client has their own protocol and we do what they pick and choose. It is more personable, and allows us to really get to know our clients.”

– Kathleen, Communications Team

“I appreciate that I am able to track down the origin of any issue that may arise and fix it! There’s a lot of satisfaction in being able to do that for a client.”

-Valerie Emerson, Occupational Health Services Project Manager


“I like being able to help complete a client’s background checks, ensuring that the company is getting the best candidate possible!”

-Matt Schmalfelt, Investigations Specialist


“Communicating directly with clients and candidates gives us the ability to quickly resolve issues, which positively affects my workflow.”

– Colton, Investigations Team

Who Are We Hiring?

If you believe the customer is king, we may be hiring you!

InCheck promotes a respectful work environment and open communication.  Our employees past and present describe our culture as energetic, driven and fun.

While we are first looking for someone fit to handle personal identifying information, we are particularly interested in candidates with professional experience in human resources, legal, customer service, investigations and drug testing.

Successful applicants are committed to our high touch customer service standards and adapt to our platform of creating customized solutions.

If you do not see a position listed below, send us your resume.

We’re always interested in hearing from people who are interested in us.